Happy holidays. We are celebrating a year with this blog, as the whole mess began last Christmas break, 2014. But it’s the silent kind of celebrating, without champagne or music. It’s the kind where you give yourself a pat on the back and keep writing. I like the champagne and music idea better. I just might […]


July 25th

It is the end of July. And it was here faster than a New York minute. It is unfair how much quicker the clock ticks in the summer than during the school year. I think it’s due to the fact that during the summer, you can wear your polka dot pajama pants, lay in bed, […]



I really like the word hope. Probably enough to get it tattooed on my body just to remind me how much I like it.. just kidding. Mom calm down I won’t do that. Maybe a skull and bones on my forehead though. Or barbwire around my biceps. Listen to me, getting sidetracked already. Anyhow. The […]