Summoning Courage

Well. It happened. I turned in my lock, Zoology textbook, and sign out sheet. I drug my feet down the halls three extra times because it didn’t feel right. I said goodbye to people I knew I might never see again. Today was my final day of high school. It may sound clichè, and those who have already been there done that, may read this and roll their eyes. But you have to understand that this time of change is such an earthquake of an event in my life, in my family’s life, in my friends’ lives, and for the … Continue reading Summoning Courage

An Open Letter to My Brain

Dear Brain, Guessing you already know who this is. You know most things. Or at least, you like to pretend you do. I have come to the realization that you actually don’t know everything, despite the eighteen years of believing it. The difference between left and right still confuses you, you haven’t quite come to the full understanding of the male mind, and don’t even get started on anything above Algebra I. But, the things you do know, you know very well. Writing is like breathing, you’re very good at choosing music based on my mood, and you also have … Continue reading An Open Letter to My Brain

The Line

Everything comes in different shapes and sizes. Heck, they even make mini, regular, and monster size candy bars. Different size containers for French fries, soda pop, nachos. They make small cars (that go fast), for single rich men or billionaires. They make medium size or regular cars for us drivers who occasionally have passengers or a trunk full of groceries to haul around. And then there are giant cars, vans, and trucks, for mothers of quadruplets, a start up rock and roll band, and country boys who are attracted to mud. The point is, the differences in sizes is never … Continue reading The Line

Definition by Number

Math is my least favorite subject. I have despised it since at least the second grade, when the teacher stopped letting us count with our fingers. Confession time: I still use my fingers to count. Now, as a junior in high school, I am faced with equations and problems that I am barely able to punch into my hundred dollar calculator, let alone count out on my fingers. Tell me again, sir, when in the future am I going to use the formula of how to find the hypotenuse right slope of a parallel angle? Never, you say? Well allow … Continue reading Definition by Number

Eight Reasons Why Winter is Literally the Worst

I live in Nebraska, where the sky is grey and temperatures don’t jump above 45 degrees for four months of the year. These four months are complete and total hell for me, because I hate being cold. As I sit here next to the heater, wrapped in a blanket, two sweatshirts, and a cup of steaming tea, I will now tell you why winter is the actual worst. 1. You’re always inside. Being stuck indoors can make anyone go crazy. Especially when you’re confined for long periods of time, with nothing but a rickety old heater and your own misery. … Continue reading Eight Reasons Why Winter is Literally the Worst

Debbie Downer

It’s your lucky day, because I am writing yet another post! Get used to it though, because 2016 is the year I make it on the NY Times Bestseller’s list, as one of the youngest authors in history. Therefore, I am going to be writing A LOT. To all of you future aspiring writers out there, I only have one piece of advice for you: keep writing. It’s crucial for your career to never stop voicing your infinite thoughts, so put that pen to paper, or fingers to keys in my case. And on this lovely day nearing the end … Continue reading Debbie Downer


Happy holidays. We are celebrating a year with this blog, as the whole mess began last Christmas break, 2014. But it’s the silent kind of celebrating, without champagne or music. It’s the kind where you give yourself a pat on the back and keep writing. I like the champagne and music idea better. I just might have a one person dance party after I sign off. Actually, I will be having a one person dance party, because one year is a long time. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 525, 600 minutes. Damn. Can you even comprehend how much can change in 525,600 minutes?! Everything. … Continue reading Strings

July 25th

It is the end of July. And it was here faster than a New York minute. It is unfair how much quicker the clock ticks in the summer than during the school year. I think it’s due to the fact that during the summer, you can wear your polka dot pajama pants, lay in bed, and eat a bag of Cheetos while watching the Today show. And let me tell you, if you ever feel bad about yourself and your old polka dot pajama pants, just watch Kathie Lee Giffod and Hoda Kotb talk about their diets and the newest … Continue reading July 25th

Things That Make Me Happy

Sometimes in this crazy thing we call life, we get a little lost. Caught in a trap of darkness, sadness, isolation. Might last an hour, maybe a day, could even be a month. But your job is to find the light. Find your way out of the dark, even if that means you bump into a few walls with arms outstretched. Whenever I feel the darkness start to smother me, I try to think of at least three happy things. And today, I’ve decided that I am going to list as many as I can think of, in case you … Continue reading Things That Make Me Happy

Facing The Demons

Okay, two things:  One, tonight, I am going to write about facing your fears. And two, it is currently 1 am. Dani and I are on winter break at the moment, but the clock is ticking. We have approximately 3 days left. We are determined to use this precious time wisely, and staying up late writing is a very good use of my time. So let’s get to it. I want to start off by asking you, what’s your demon? Everyone has one, so don’t even give me that bull. Whether it’s riding a bike for the first time, working … Continue reading Facing The Demons