19 in 19: Ask for Help

If there’s one thing I’ve realized about myself in my lifetime, it’s that I am very hesitant to openly show signs of weakness. All signs of the breakdown it took to get out of bed will be wiped away by the time I reach my first class. The internal worries that swirl and blend into my thoughts are concealed by a careful look of concentration. Every single flaw and imperfection is hidden behind the mask of confidence that I’ve picked up over the last three years. But that’s a really shitty way to live, and I don’t deserve to walk … Continue reading 19 in 19: Ask for Help

19 in 19: Work with Worry

I know I don’t speak alone when I say this, but I have anxiety. However, it’s such a norm of the culture that this isn’t much of a shock anymore, over 40 million Americans suffer from nervousness/concern. While I may appear to have my ducks in a perfect shiny row on social media and the internet, there are nights when I can’t bring myself to type a single word, or even sit down at my desk. There are days when I am fearful of a terror attack, of my car breaking down, of cancer, of losing my keys, of freezing … Continue reading 19 in 19: Work with Worry

100 Strangers: #10

Having taken a break for the past few days to catch my breath, I picked up where I left off today and ventured out to find my 10th stranger of the project. Niccole (spelled with two C’s) is a nineteen year-old from Ottawa Kansas. Her hobbies include watching video game channels on Youtube and looking up theories. She lit up immediately when I asked what brings her joy. “My cat,” she replied with a smile. She lives off campus in an apartment with her brother and two pet cats, she told me. Niccole likes fall fashion this time of year, … Continue reading 100 Strangers: #10

Guns & Math

Thursday nights in college are technically the weekend, and I can’t tell if I love it or hate it. My outer, nearly nineteen-year old self wants to jump at the opportunities and live vicariously, but my inner forty-year old woman would prefer to put on sweatpants and curl up in a blanket while drinking herbal tea. Even though I’ve made it to the weekend, this week was absolute hell. Guns and Math 101 make the world a miserable place. For those two reasons, this was one of the most overwhelming weeks of my life. The worst part was, I had … Continue reading Guns & Math

100 Strangers: #9

Today was tough for me, from 7:30 am until now. Walking around campus was both shockingly unsettling and surprisingly comforting. There is just so much confusion and turmoil and chaos to wrap our tiny little human heads around. But that’s the thing: we are just tiny little humans. Enough sad feelings and getting deep, because today I met a very cheerful guy and want to tell you about him. Clayton Titkemeier is an eighteen year old from Belleville, Kansas, but he was originally born in Italy. Coming from a military family, Clayton has traveled all his life, but chose KU … Continue reading 100 Strangers: #9

100 Strangers: #8

It’s nearly 11 pm on a Saturday night, and I am determined to complete my stranger of the day project no matter what. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to meet Kristen Chapman today, a twenty-year old from Troy, Illinois. Visiting KU for the weekend, I witnessed firsthand a fun fact about Kristen, in which she can wiggle her right ear. It was mind-blowing. Her favorite thing about herself is that she’s easy to get along with, and I agreed and could relate to that, especially after she shared an embarrassing story from high school (we all have a few of … Continue reading 100 Strangers: #8

100 Strangers: #7

I took a break from my project for the last two days, yet it’s a second instinct to scan the crowds for a stranger to approach with my business card in hand. I’m always a little bit afraid that they won’t believe me, think I’m a spy for Russia, or just laugh at the idea. The business card helps me appear cool, calm, and legit, but I’m still nervous on the inside. However, I’m not one to shy away from fear, and today I met Laura at a Starbucks in Maryville, Missouri. Laura is a twenty-two year old student at … Continue reading 100 Strangers: #7

Praise For Our Presence

I am taking a break from my “100 Strangers” project because something deeply radical happened to me today. Here at good old college, I have a few different types of classes. Allow me to explain what I mean by “different”. I’m not talking about particular subjects, or advanced variations of classes, I mean that I’m in certain seminars where one must diligently take note of every word the professor utters. At the same time, I’m also enrolled classes where one may prefer to online shop for some fresh new fall kicks.. (take a guess at to which I prefer) *Dear … Continue reading Praise For Our Presence

100 Strangers: #6

A rainy, cold Tuesday and wandering the dimly-lit halls of Wescoe (only KU students will understand this reference), and yours truly didn’t bring a jacket and was running on iced-coffee. However, that didn’t deter me from approaching a girl sitting cross-legged in the hallway and introducing myself and my project. Kelsey Fuchs, an eighteen year old from Pittsburg, Kansas ended up at the University because it was far enough from home, but also close enough. When asked her favorite thing thus far about the year, she replied, “Just how many opportunities I’ve had.” Coming from a small, tight family, her … Continue reading 100 Strangers: #6

100 Strangers: #5

A very good day as far as Mondays go, one filled with energy and the perfect amount of shade/sun combo. Following my typical weekday routine, I went to my favorite cafeteria on campus to get a spinach wrap, and met my fifth stranger of the project, Wilson. Wilson Kimami is a twenty-two year old studying accounting at the university, and is originally from Kenya. Moving to America as a child, he says he came for a better education. “My favorite thing about myself is my drive, my motivation. I want to finish school, to get an education, and find a … Continue reading 100 Strangers: #5