19 in 19: Boldly Assertive

When I’m writing, it’s easy to be vocal with my thoughts and opinions, and even sprinkle in the occasional sass every few sentences. However, when I’m confronting my problems aloud, I suddenly shy into a shell of apologetically cliche and basic expressions. But over the course of my 19 years, I’ve tried to speak up […]


19 in 19: Junk Removal

I was raised with a particular mindset that I don’t recommend for the faint of heart or those who are reasonable. I was taught that pretty much any sadness could be cured in the dollar section of Target. I am still a firm believer in this today, (but have also cured some stress and tension […]


Life Through the Eyes of Michaela Edstrand

Michaela Edstrand, known by most as “Mickey”, is a seventeen-year old senior in high school. However, she is also known as the reigning National Queen for the National American Miss program. Mickey competes on national levels, traveling coast to coast for pageants and public appearances. Holding the current title of National All-American Miss teen, she […]