19 in 19: Stop Comparing

I love using social media. I love posting pictures, relating to relevant quotes, finding new ideas. I love finding new people, looking through the stories of strangers, and I love sharing my story. I frequently share my story through snapshots and work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Some days however, I am ashamed and angry at how much time I waste mindlessly scrolling through the never-ending media. I know people who have deleted their accounts and claim to have a clearer mind, free of any hate or ignorance. And yet, I just couldn’t bear to lose that connection to … Continue reading 19 in 19: Stop Comparing

19 in 19: Birdwatching and Other Hobbies

Life isn’t meant to be tedious and boring, so whether you’re seven years old or seventy, we’re all encouraged to find something to occupy the empty spaces in our days (as if we all had the luxury of that..) With an overwhelming to-do list, you might question my logic, but I can assure you firsthand that adding a hobby to your inventory will relieve stress- it’s not like you have to finish a fifty-problem math assignment or mop the bathroom! Finding a hobby means rewarding yourself, so choose something that you like doing. Growing up, I played sports because that’s … Continue reading 19 in 19: Birdwatching and Other Hobbies

19 in 19: Traveling (Outlook vs View)

Traveling can mean a variety of things based on your upbringing. Some travel for research, business, visiting relatives, vacation, sports, or mission trips. Some travel because they need a new home, need a new start and a new perspective. Some travel because they want to get away, or find something they lost. And some, like me, travel because my mind deserves to wander farther than my backyard. I took my first trip before I was alive for one year. My parents, avid business travelers, raised me to never fear the horrific airport lines, the uncomfortable seats, or the impatient mid-flight … Continue reading 19 in 19: Traveling (Outlook vs View)

19 in 19: Boldly Assertive

When I’m writing, it’s easy to be vocal with my thoughts and opinions, and even sprinkle in the occasional sass every few sentences. However, when I’m confronting my problems aloud, I suddenly shy into a shell of apologetically cliche and basic expressions. But over the course of my 19 years, I’ve tried to speak up a little more about how I feel and what I want. Nearly every child has untamed amount of energy and electricity in their veins, and as they grow, their light diminishes to fit the completion of society. In elementary school, I enjoyed being the center … Continue reading 19 in 19: Boldly Assertive

19 in 19: Junk Removal

I was raised with a particular mindset that I don’t recommend for the faint of heart or those who are reasonable. I was taught that pretty much any sadness could be cured in the dollar section of Target. I am still a firm believer in this today, (but have also cured some stress and tension at Tiffany’s) and think that retail therapy is real and powerful. Thanks to this belief, I am a subtle hoarder. I am very good at hiding all of my things. But after watching a documentary about the benefits of minimalism, I began to pack away … Continue reading 19 in 19: Junk Removal


I am turning eighteen years old. This is one of those “milestone” birthdays, even though every year you survive another revolution on this earth should be celebrated as a milestone. Eighteen is a big number for a girl who still remembers the outfit she wore to her cousin’s play when she was six years old (my fashion sense in 2004 was remarkable). Eighteen means something. It’s an adult number. I even have to get my license renewed. Compared to the little hill of seventeen, eighteen feels like a mountain. This is the year I graduate high school. This is the … Continue reading Eighteen