Madeleine Rheinheimer

Welcome to Illiterate Blondes! My name is Madeleine Rheinheimer, and I am glad that you are taking the time to read this sentence. Maybe you stumbled upon it by sheer accident, Googled the wrong thing, or are just trying to procrastinate doing laundry for another hour, because who likes doing laundry anyways? I encourage you to keep reading, because I can guarantee you full heartedly that this will be better than that basket of dirty clothes.. hopefully. I am a writer, a student, a mother of a bodacious Pomeranian, a fan of anywhere warm and sunny, and a teenage girl with a head full of blonde hair. Please enjoy my crazy, adventurously hectic, beautiful life. I hope it brings you more joy than doing laundry. That's the goal, at least. Xoxo.

R&F: The Poltergist

Reflection: Summer goes fast every year, and I don’t know if this brings consolation or makes me feel old. I also find myself wishing for a deeper connection to my surroundings in this time of my life, a spiritual awakening, a reading of the future, a raising of energy. A discovery of a ghost living […]