Madeleine Rheinheimer

I am a writer by nature, and knew in fourth grade that my occupation would involve speaking my truth into existence however possible. I published my first book in high school, and traveled around my hometown reading at elementary schools and sharing my message. I am currently half way through my undergrad at the University of Kansas, seeking a double major in Creative Writing and Journalism, with a minor in Art History. With a passion for poetry, nonfiction, and wandering through museums and libraries, I am constantly chasing creativity.


Some days I wake up with enough motivation to climb a mountain. Other days, I wake up, roll over, and hit snooze Some days I want to say “hi, how are ya?” to every single person in the hallway. Other days, I walk with my eyes fixed to the wall ahead, trying to get to […]


Out of Focus

I take a lot of pictures. Not like, professional pictures with an actual camera, but pictures on my iPhone. I take pictures of my friends, our dogs, artwork, and lots of sunsets. I recently deleted over 5,000 pictures off my phone, and a good majority of those were pictures of the sky (not much of […]



By definition, the word Motivation means: the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way ; the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. I’m like 98.7% positive you know where I’m going with this post. At least, I really really hope you do. What’s your reason to […]


Putting Out The Fire

I’m going to make this short, sweet, and full of fire. Ever have those days where you just wake up with a feeling of impending doom? Yeah, me too. I’m going to describe this feeling as the spark. It’s small, the kind of spark you get when you rub two rocks together. But you all […]