Madeleine Rheinheimer

Welcome to Illiterate Blondes! My name is Madeleine Rheinheimer, and I am glad that you are taking the time to read this sentence. Maybe you stumbled upon it by sheer accident, Googled the wrong thing, or are just trying to procrastinate doing laundry for another hour, because who likes doing laundry anyways? I encourage you to keep reading, because I can guarantee you full heartedly that this will be better than that basket of dirty clothes.. hopefully. I am a writer, a student, a mother of a bodacious Pomeranian, a fan of anywhere warm and sunny, and a teenage girl with a head full of blonde hair. Please enjoy my crazy, adventurously hectic, beautiful life. I hope it brings you more joy than doing laundry. That's the goal, at least. Xoxo.


By definition, the word Motivation means: the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way ; the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. I’m like 98.7% positive you know where I’m going with this post. At least, I really really hope you do. What’s your reason to […]


Putting Out The Fire

I’m going to make this short, sweet, and full of fire. Ever have those days where you just wake up with a feeling of impending doom? Yeah, me too. I’m going to describe this feeling as the spark. It’s small, the kind of spark you get when you rub two rocks together. But you all […]


Stray Snowballs

Have you ever been hit in the face with a snowball? As I’ve mentioned before, I have two younger, mischievous brothers. Who both happen to play baseball. You can make a guess where I’m going with this. Last night, frozen water in the form of flakes fell about 10 inches here in good old Nebraska. […]