I am a creator by nature, and knew in the fourth grade that my occupation would involve speaking my truth into existence however possible. I published my first book in high school, and traveled around my hometown reading at elementary schools and sharing my message. I am currently halfway through my undergrad at the University of Kansas, seeking a double major in Creative Writing and Journalism, with a minor in Art History. With a passion for poetry, nonfiction, and wandering through museums and libraries, I am constantly chasing creativity.

Was It Worth It?

I just spent three hours sitting in a salon attempting to get a green tint out of my blonde hair. I feel a bit light headed at the moment, and it’s probably due to the fact that I sat and read a magazine for three hours straight, and inhaled a good amount of hairspray. ANYWAYS. […]


Being a Dad Means…

Now Mom’s may be the backbone of the world, but dad’s are the assistance we all need when our backs start to ache. By assistance, I mean a few things. A dad is someone who you can call at two AM when you’re lost in the middle of nowhere. A dad is someone who always […]


Plot Twist

One day, you’re going to wake up and feel different than the day before. And I don’t mean different as in you’re going to have really bad leg cramps because yesterday was stairs day in gym. Or the kind of different where your head is pounding from a little too much fun the night before. […]


Time Flies

I would like to say that I am always a productive person, but I couldn’t lie to you. I waste a lot of time doing pointless things. For example, whenever I go downtown, I have to stop and look at every building, every brick, every pigeon. It’s just the way I’m built, I’m an observer. […]


A Star In The Making

When we’re younger, we all see ourselves living the dream. We picture ourselves in a big white house with flowers in the yard, a fast car in the driveway, a crystal clear pool, with a couple of adorable dogs running around. Or maybe that’s just my dream… Most of us have similar dreams of success, […]


Being a Mom Means…

Mom’s basically run the world. They are the backbone, the support that we seek. Behind every hero is a mom who stood with them the whole way. A mom is like a best friend, who cooks you food and cleans the house. A mom is the one person who you can call late at night […]