The Creative Process: Hannah Delashmutt

Hannah Delashmutt, finishing up her senior year in Valley, NE, says that when it comes to creativity, she creates miscellaneous things, but we are all creators in the end some way and somehow. “I create cheers, lots of new recipes, and of course, Tik Toks,” Hannah explains.

With ideas easily accessible with just a swipe of a fingertip, Hannah says that she finds most of her creative inspiration from Pinterest. “I think my brain is so uncreative sometimes, so I like to get inspiration from others!” The space in which she creates in is also important to her and she says that her room plays a huge role in the creative process. “If my room is messy, I am stressed, but if it’s clean I feel more relaxed and ready to create. I use my planner a lot, have candles lit all the time, and play music on my record player.”

When it comes to having clarity on creating, Hannah says that she usually comes up with an idea first and moves on from there. “If it doesn’t work the way I want it to, I do get frustrated, but still make it work regardless!”

And headspace? Hannah said that her state of mind is always silly. “I’d compare my thoughts to that of a middle schooler, and my head is always messy with like 100 dispersed thoughts!”

Overall, Hannah finds her creative process to involve innovation, modern technology, and a youthlike outlook on projects and inspiration.

You can follow Hannah on:

Instagram: @hannahdelashmutt

Twitter: @hannahdelashmutt

Check back next week for the next creative process sharing, and thank you for reading!


Madeleine Rheinheimer

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