The Creative Process: Anna Matuella

Anna Matuella says that she creates graphic design, but more specifically ways for information to be spread or explained in a visual way. “My inspiration depends, but normally there is a constant throughout, and it’s a newfound love for life and the way that the universe works as a system and how there is a right and wrong, and also there’s not at all, and trying to figure that out is super inspiring,” she says.

When it comes to the process of creating, Anna says that she is a visual learner. She often uses giant pads and creates webs with markers, coming up with a bunch of words that relate to what she is designing. “I try to sketch about a hundred ideas because the more you have the better, because if you stop after like fifty, I feel like you don’t push yourself hard enough. There’s always a better solution out there, or maybe not and you may find a twist you can put on it, one you wouldn’t have found if you didn’t make yourself work for ten more hours, so not rushing that part is important. I find that people always rush that part and that’s where people get all of your ideas.”

Featured works of Anna Matuella’s.

As someone who constantly struggles with indecision, I asked if the right choice for a project is always clear to her when she is creating. Anna said, “Yes and no. There’s always an idea that you would like to go with, but often the ones that you weren’t as confident about ends up being the better choice.”

When it comes to the space Anna creates in, she said that usually what she’s wearing doesn’t matter, but when she’s wearing a stylish outfit, she feels more productive than if she’s in pajamas. “I always listen to music if I’m working. I have a pattern for the times I work for 12 to 14 hours at a time, I’ll listen to music for four hours, then listen to two hours of podcasts, and go back and forth between so that it doesn’t get repetitive.”

And when it comes to headspace, one of the most important aspects of creating in my opinion, Anna says, “When I’m creating I feel my best, I feel more open to the universe and what it has to offer, more in tune to the earth.”

Getting creators block is a common problem, and Anna has personal solutions for when it happens. “A change of scenery is good, and sometimes when I’m stuck, I’ll go on a walk and get ideas. Also, smoking is really good for me. It resets my brain and creates a fresh canvas to work with and it opens up more possibilities. I like to do it three-fourths of the way in, because if I thought something was good sober, then I usually can add touches I wouldn’t have thought of before.”

In conclusion, Anna says, “Creating is always evolving.  Sometimes it depends on the project and on me and on the seasons, and you have to always move with that. So don’t be married to a certain type of methodology, and always be open to changing.”

You can follow Anna on:

IG: @anna_matuella

Twitter: @nna_matuella

I will be continuing the series with another creator’s process next week, and thank you for reading!



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