My Dog’s Favorite Toys

My dog is my baby, that’s very obvious. She’s my main source of entertainment and best walking buddy ever, and I want to make sure that she is happy at all times, especially when I’m not here. Therefore, every since we brought her home as a puppy, she’s been showered in an abundance of gifts, especially squeaky toys. While I featured both my favorites and hers, the honorable mentions go to the princess crown, neon baby tennis ball, and all of the shoes she nibbles on.

  1. Ducky

This was Piper’s first ever toy, and I had it in the car when we brought her home for the first time. At the time, it was a whopping half the size of her, but now she can carry it around like it’s nothing. This will always be my most precious toy, even if it’s looking a little sad nowadays.

2. Chewy Vuitton

As obsessive as I am over Louis Vuitton, I thought it would be fitting for Piper to get her first bag on her first birthday! This iconic bag is just the right thing for a posh pooch, and I’ve caught her dragging the bag by the handle, as if she was fighting her way through a Target during a sale. That’s my girl!

3. Sniffany & Co.

And of course, when it comes to jewelry, Tiffany & Co. takes the cake. To add to my collection of little blue boxes, Piper received her very own on her birthday! She likes to pull at the white strings and drag it around.

4. My Boyfriend’s Old (or New) Nike Socks

At the end of the day, I can buy her any toy from any store and she will still rifle through the dirty laundry to find Jake’s socks. This pair featured here has holes torn in the toes and in the heel, because Piper is a sneaky and smart puppy. These are probably her most expensive toy after all the pairs we’ve had to replace!

5. Squirrel Poppers

My mom gave this interactive toy to Piper for her birthday, and it was  an instant favorite. There are three squirrels in the tree trunk, and Piper will viciously dig through until she pulls out the innocent smiling rodents and runs rampant through the apartment as if they could come alive at any moment.

6. Very Chewed Bone

This is one of Piper’s favorite past times, and favorite toys, and I will never quite understand why. It belonged to my dogs back home and she instantly fought for it. I took it to college with me because of her love for the nasty thing, and every day she continues to wear it down.

7. Bear Backpack

This isn’t a toy, but it was definitely worth mentioning because Jake bought this and it is the most precious  thing I’ve ever seen. It straps on just like a harness and I can slip my inhaler in for when we go on extra long walks!

The moral of the story is that dogs look cute in just about anything, and will be entertained at the end of the day by dirty socks more than a designer purse knockoff chew toy.

You can follow Piper’s Instagram to see more of her toys and outfits at

Proud Pom Parent,

Madeleine Rheinheimer

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