10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

While some of you may have been following this blog for a while, others that I have met at college or elsewhere might not know a lot about me other than I’m the blonde blogger who writes about her puppy and life through the eyes of a twenty year old student double majoring in writing and journalism, who loves to study art and travel to all places warm.

That’s common knowledge.

But I’m here today to bring ten new things to light that might be unfamiliar to most. Without further ado, here are random facts about me.

  • I have a ton of allergies. The most important and worst is to all peanuts and tree nuts, and it has affected my nutrition and diet balance a lot in the past, but after twenty years, you learn to live with it and just cook at home. However, I also have very bad seasonal allergies that affect my breathing (asthma also plagues me), I cannot be around cats without breaking into hives, and a because of my pollen/seasonal allergies, I am also allergic to the ragweed texture on banana skin. Gross, but a sad loss for my favorite go-to smoothie/toast fruit.
  • I have done (and quit) almost every sport:
    • Swimming: got tired of having green hair and the gross locker rooms.
    • Horseback Riding: had a bad experience with a wild horse, quit immediately after.
    • Cheer: transferred schools, never tried out again.
    • Dance: couldn’t keep up with the girls after eight years old
    • Tennis: the only sport I still play!
    • Softball: tried to play select level, quit before the season even started.
    • Volleyball: tried to play select level, my wrists hurt too much to continue.
    • Basketball: played select level and hated every minute of it since I started in first grade. Too much sweat, contact, and running.
  • I want to work as an intern creative writer/blogger for an art museum. My dream internship in college (which I plan on next summer) will somehow work with all of my degrees/minors, and I’d love for it to be in the Kansas City or Scottsdale area.
Taken at the Spencer Art Museum at KU.
  • I am currently learning French through online classes for my degree. I was required to learn a language for my journalism degree, and after taking two years of Spanish in high school, French stood out to me most. From studying art history to following the latest fashion trends, Europe is on my to-visit list, and Paris specifically.
  • I have a crystal collection. I first started studying the power and energy of crystals when I began my meditation practice. I have enjoyed collecting from all over the country and can’t wait to decorate my house with crystals in every room.
  • I have the same breakfast and lunch nearly every day. My type-A routine personality has allowed me to be hyper-productive, but also very rigid. I find something I like, and I obsess over it, but maybe that’s my Scorpio side. Regardless, every day since junior year I have had either a smoothie and sunflower butter toast for breakfast, and a turkey avocado wrap for lunch. That’s been pretty consistent for four years now!
  • I love having an acrylic manicure and keep up with it every 21-25 days. As someone who’s occupation and passion allows for a lot of staring at fingernails while waiting for a bolt of creativity or procrastination to pass, having a good manicure is very important to me. I have a place in Lawrence that I love to go to, and they give discounts for students. It’s a win win all around!
  • I often read the same books over and over. I have about a dozen or so books that I have read at least three times, and I love that every time I find something new that I missed before. However, this also limits me from branching out and discovering new books, so I try to keep this habit at bay.
  • I am trying to reduce/stop eating sugar. I have done the research and know the statistics on sugar, but it’s just so much easier said than done. Currently working on reducing artificial and processed sugars, such as in cookies, candy, ice cream, etc. Key word is working.
  • I meditate every morning. My father taught me the importance and life-changing effect of meditation, and it’s one of the first things I do after getting out of bed every morning. It has definitely made an impact on my life.

And now, you know a little bit more about my personal life, and why I am the way I am. I also should have added that writing and blogging are my passion, but that might be obvious by now. I love writing for Illiterate Blondes, and am so excited for my future career and all that I will document here.

Until then,

Madeleine Rheinheimer

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