Interview With My Mom // Illiterate Blondes

It’s pretty obvious that my mom is my best friend. And because my break is almost over, I wanted to get one last interview in before I left for the semester. If you don’t know her personally, my mom is one of the most outgoing and fun person in my life, a classic bubbly extrovert. Besides raising three children in the greatest way possible, my mom found a nonprofit (SPARK Positivity) and continues to prove to me every day how truly invincible and strong women are.

I wanted to sit down and ask a few questions as I head into my 20th year, and see life through the eyes of the happiest woman I know. I hope you enjoy this quick interview with my Mom, and subscribe to my YouTube channel as I plan on firing up the camera more this year, to celebrate all of the different broadcast mediums I have to work with as a writer/creator.



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