Feminine Energy

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but every time I get around to it, the Universe sends more love my way. But, here I am anyways, because some blessings need to be recognized and accepted in order for more to flourish. The main point of today’s post is to acknowledge the strong female energy I’ve been encountering in the past month and half.

The crazy part is, most of the bonds I’ve been forming are with girls who are older than me – and were most definitely put in my life to help me navigate such a difficult time.

Ever since I was younger, I wanted nothing more than a best friend like in the movies. Like Cher and Dionne. Like Blair and Serena. Like Thelma and Louise. And I had high hopes for a few as I began to make friends over the years. However, these girls never seemed to stay in my life and often ended with betrayal, hatred, and heart break incomparable to any break up I’ve had with a guy.

I stopped trying to create the connections, in fear that they would end like the rest. By the time I transferred schools, I had lots of friends, but none felt movie-worthy or served any purpose besides to create high school drama.

Now, two years post-high school, I am discovering so many ways in which society taught me the wrong lesson about what to expect from life. And life has been showing me lately that I’ve been so inaccurate in my wishes, as I have always had more than enough positive female influence in my life.

(This photo is from 2013 and with one of my lifelong best girl friends from Pennsylvania)

So this is a shout out to every girl that has reached out to me, asking how I’m doing – and meant it. To every girl who compliments my outfit or my writing or my dog. To every girl who gives genuine advice on ways to live my best life, and allows for me to help them in return.

I want to be that girl for others, whether it be a friend, a consulter, a confidante, or an ally in times of urgency. I want to be the sister you’ve never had, the sister you didn’t know you needed. Because that’s what these girls have been for me.

This post is dedicated to all of the sisters I’ve gravitated to recently, for both feminine power and life advice. I understand now that having a close bond to one person doesn’t even compare to having several diverse friendships of writers, classmates, and simply put, girls who I wish were my older (or younger) sisters. Thank you for all that you’ve taught me and helped me through, and being in my life.



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