My July Fashion Favorites

The month of July can be summed up into two words for most people. Hot and eventful. With the heat index dripping in sweat and humidity, and the calendar dripping with work schedules, parties, and events, July can be a bit hectic and chaotic.

I’ve decide that despite my own chaos, I’d share my July Fashion Favorites, three sets of my most worn outfits for this month. I’ve recently picked up a job writing for “College Fashion” and I’d like to think I’ve always had an eye for aesthetics. I love working in the fashion industry, because regardless of all our differences, we all get dressed in the morning.

This month, I did four activities often. Working as a waitress is one of them, and my uniform black pants, shoes, apron, and t-shirt don’t count as an ensemble I’d choose to wear this month if I didn’t have to. Besides work, I spent time doing active hobbies, going on sunlight adventures, and catching up with my boyfriend on date nights.


For active events this month, such as family golf (I drove the cart), tennis, bike riding, long walks, fishing and my personal summer favorite, frisbee, I try to still look presentable. One of the most essential life lessons my mom ever taught me was that even if you lose the game, it’s important to still be the cutest player, because that’ll get you farther in life anyways.

Shoes: Adidas, Skirt: Nike

Therefore, my fashion favorites for the active July look is a white high-waisted tennis skirt, a plain black classic cut tank, white adidas sneakers, a visor, and braids.

For active events, I seldom put on makeup other than my moisturizer and tinted sunscreen and maybe a little mascara.

Notes: The tennis skirt has built in shorts, creating comfortability and mobility, and those are the best kinds of athletic skirts. I wear my hair in braids most of the time, because my hair is extremely fine and doesn’t hold any other styles very well.


Date Night:

Even though I worked nights and my boyfriend worked days, dedicating a few free nights to going out made getting throuhg the long weeks especially rewarding. My new favorite combination for the month of July (and whole summer) was gingham print paired with simple colors.

Date night

For date nights in July, I wore classic black heels, a gingham printed skirt or dress, and a plain black or white long sleeve shirt. This look was both simple and put-together, creating a professional and elegant style.

I take the time to put on extra makeup for this look, including eyeshadow or lipstick in a light shade. I always curl my hair, and have to use extra hairspray to fight off the summer humidity.

Notes: Wearing heels is about finding balance (literally and figuratively). Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes if you aren’t accustomed to them! With my date night look, I like to accessorize with my Kate Spade gold bracelets and Kendra Scott necklace.


Shoes: Forever 21 , Bracelet: Kate Spade, Skirt: Forever 21

Day Time:

For the days I have off of work, or weekend afternoons, I like to dress in style, but casually of course. Although it’s often hot during the summer days, my cold urticaria, a medical allergy or intolerance to the cold, transitioning from the humidity to the air conditioning can send goosebumps everywhere. Because of my constant chill, I always wear long sleeves or bring a long a jacket to any adventure, day or night.


My favorite day time adventure outfit for the month of July is denim colored slip-on sandals, high waisted buckle jean-shorts, a white cropped long sleeve tee, and my red Kate Spade purse.

I keep my makeup basic, and wear my hair either down (curled or straight) or up in a high pony or bun with a scrunchy.

Notes: I like long sleeve tees that fit loosely, and don’t cling to sweaty skin. It’s also good to incorporate sunglasses into this look, because it can get pretty bright when you’re walking the streets during the day. I like to keep jewelry and accessories to a minimal with this outfit, because it’s nice to keep things simple.

Daytime 2

‘Shoes: Old Navy, Purse: Kate Spade


In Reality

And in reality? Most of the month of July was spent in work clothes or athletic shorts and a baggy t-shirt. My style has grown more mature and more engaged in the last year, but that doesn’t mean I get to always dress nice or even brush my hair. Summer is about relaxing, and being comfortable, and whether that be wearing a skirt and heels, or a t-shirt and jeans.

Take it easy, and look forward to more summer styles for August.



Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 3.58.50 PM




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