Life Through the Eyes of Megan Sunderland

As a young adult seeking to make a name for myself in the creative industry (an ever-blooming market), I always want to seek out and promote others in my field. And I’d like to introduce you to a very talented friend of mine, Megan.

Megan Sunderland, a 17 year-old senior from Omaha, Nebraska, has quite the eye for capturing beauty in the world. Running her own business, “Campbell Photography”, Megan is learning the ins and outs of working professionally as a teenager. “In the last two years, I decided I wanted to get serious, I wanted to make this into a business. I’ve been taking photos since, forever, I used to steal my mom’s camera as a kid. I really have a passion for it, and I love capturing beauty, there’s beauty in everything.”

Megan Sunderland

Megan loves working with a variety of different subjects (including my crazy Pomeranian), but says landscape is easiest because there’s less pressure than with people. However, Megan also does an extremely good job of making her models feel welcome and at ease.

Something important about working in both film (which can be found on her website) and photography is keeping in mind the end product, how the picture will turn out. “I always follow the rule of thirds,” she said, which means working for a proper proportion to every object/detail of the photo. 

As written in her bio on her website,

“I love capturing real emotion and life in my photos. I never have people pose unnaturally unless they want to. I love connecting with the people I meet, and take photos of. Making sure the person I’m shooting photos of is comfortable is one of my main priorities. Being comfortable with yourself, and surroundings makes yourself look better, so I do whatever I can to help provide a comfortable environment for you.”

Megan recently took a trip to Alaska, and had the opportunity to practice her photography in breathtaking ways. Check out her website to view more of the trip. 

Besides working on her website, Megan promotes her business by using social media as a tool of communication. She follows several photography accounts, looking to them for inspiration and motivation for the future. “I’d love to go to college to study film or photography, and surround myself with like-minded people who are working towards the same thing I am.”

If Megan could describe her photography in one word, it would be “natural”. “I like when they smile, when they laugh. I don’t like poses, I want them to be natural and be comfortable.”

You can find all the information about Campbell Photography on her website, view her past work, and email her to set up a shoot of your own!

Follow Megan’s personal page as well as her business page on Instagram.


Madeleine Rheinheimer

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