My Ultimate Netflix Playlist

I often think about how busy my life has become (when I find the time to actually stop and think), and I haven’t had the opportunity to watch any TV shows, movies, or videos this summer. I was actually raised without certain television privilege, like no cartoons for example. Looking back, I don’t feel as if I missed out, but I certainly do enjoy a good laugh these days from sitcoms.

Therefore, if I had the time to watch Netflix, these are my go-to’s.


Drama: As dramatic as I can be some days, drama just isn’t my favorite genre and I only watch two shows that could be classified as so. I get way too attached and involved in characters, even if it’s fictional (problems of the everyday writer), and the following shows are no different.

Orange is The New Black:

In my all time top favorites, the concept behind OITNB is based on real-life events and the book called, “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison”.  Between the tightly woven plots of each character (both the good and the bad), this is one of the only shows I’ve actually cried over. I couldn’t watch this show before going out or at the beginning of the day because that’s how emotionally attached I grew.

Favorite character: Taystee.

Warning: This show will break your heart more than it will bring you joy.


Stranger Things:

I was kind of a stranger things band wagoner. I’m not a fan (and by not a fan, I mean I physically cannot handle) scary things or blood, and am very cautious when it comes to such subjects. Therefore, I wrongly assumed that Stranger Things would fall into the horror category, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. The concept is genius, the characters are easy to love, and the thrill is unmatched.

Favorite character: Steve.

Warning: There is a few gory scenes.



Comedies: My favorite genre of all, comedies and sitcoms bring so much joy and laughter to my life, and this list has been narrowed down to include only my top favorites.


New Girl:

I’m not completely finished with New Girl, but find it to be the perfect lunch/late night show because it’s not heavy (OITNB subtweet) and the humor/comedic love between characters makes me smile.

Favorite character: Nick.

Warning: This show will make you want to move into a studio apartment with 3 guy friends.  


Parks & Rec:

If you haven’t watched this show, you’re missing out. I’m almost finished with my second cycle, and I found myself laughing even harder this time around. Again, the comedy genius’ like Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman create the most funny government work environment (and that’s an extremely daunting task to handle).

Favorite Character: April. Or Ron. Or Leslie. Depends on the mood of the day.

Warning: If watched in public, you will laugh out loud.


The Office:

Look. I get it if you haven’t watched Parks and Rec, but if you haven’t watched The Office yet, then I’m judging you. You’re missing out on the most pure, creative, and timeless comedy of all time. And don’t start with the Pilot episode. Go back and re-watch the Pilot after you’ve fallen in love with every other episode. My favorite episode if “Dinner Party- Season 4, episode 13”.

Favorite character: Michael. Duh.

Warning: You will grow so attached to this show, the last few episodes will break your heart in two literal pieces. And as the tears stream, you can go back and watch that Pilot, as well as continuing the cycle of re-watching the entire series every few months.


Grace and Frankie:

I stumbled upon this Netflix original by chance, and had no idea who Lily Tomlin or Jane Fonda was. And now, I love them. I want an Aunt Frankie and a mentor like Grace. This show relates to women of all ages, because despite the ages of the main actresses, they look so dang good for 78 and 80 years old.

Favorite character: Frankie.

Warning: This show sets unrealistic expectations of what the elderly should look and appear like – even though I wish we could all look like Jane Fonda in the eighth decade of life.



Queer Eye:

Now, this show isn’t under the comedy category, but it is under the “feel-good” category in my eyes, and that’s the best one of all. Queer Eye is all the hype these days, and it should be. Five gay men completely remodel an average, in-need-of-help man’s life, giving him a new wardrobe, an organized living space, a clean cut, a healthy diet, and a better sense of who he is. It’s heartwarming, informational, and often times hilarious.

Favorite Character: Jonathan.

Warning: This show will make you sad that you don’t have a team of gay men to help you get your sh*t together.


Documentaries: I love watching documentaries in my spare time, especially when I want to think or question the world around me.


What the Health:

This documentary focuses on what the Health Organizations in the United States are hiding, theorizing that the profits and billion-dollar food industry is more concerned about raking in the dough than taking care of what goes into the bodies of people. It’s quite interesting (and very concerning), and helped me change my mindset on processed food, as well as meat, dairy, and egg intake.




This 15 minute-episode series is perfect for a girl who doesn’t have time but still wants to learn about things like the stock market, monogamy, and the racial wealth gap. And don’t worry about depth – everything is explained simply, easily, and thoroughly (and for insanely difficult/confusing subjects like Bitcoin, that’s quite a feat). If you’re looking to educate yourself between shifts, during your morning walk,  or on your lunch break, this series is ideal for you.



Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things

Looking into the lives of “minimalists” (people who live using very few things) makes you slightly depressed and very conscious about the clutter on your pantry shelves. This documentary is extremely fascinating, as the main minimalists describe how they manage to survive in an extremely materialistic society. You might even find yourself questioning your own ability to “live minimally”.



Writing this reflection on my ultimate Netflix playlist made me miss the good old times of having time, when in reality, I can barely find time to even blog about Netflix, let alone watch it. Maybe someday, when my kids are off to college and I’ve vacuumed the house three times, I can finally sit on a lounge chair and binge-watch The Office.

Until then,


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