R&F: Endings to Beginnings

I am drawing this series to a close with a few remarks.

This is a time of transitioning for me. I am in between learning how to let go of being a teenager and accepting what it means to live in the adult world.

I am no longer the 16/17 year-old who was figuring out how to run a blog, write books, and do interviews while managing her own system malfunctions as well. I’m in a stage of trying to remember how to be young while learning the ins and outs of society.

It means getting a job and making money and accepting that the young ones have to start somewhere, even if that somewhere is low.

It means not hopping on the memory train and longing for a life you can no longer live.

It means looking for a mentor, or seven, because help is needed at all times and in all places.

It means making a few mistakes along the way, but remembering that so does everyone else.


However, this time of transitioning doesn’t equate to bills and student debt and losing friendships and making plans for future living arrangements and feeling crippling anxiety. I am allowed to still spend afternoons by the pool and eat Popsicles and take naps and drive around with the windows down and lose track of time in bookstores and dance and sing and be happy (or try to).

Change doesn’t have to be fear-driven. It has to be driven by a mixture of passion, a pinch of spontaneity, and a whole lot of faith that everything is already set in motion for a lifetime of success and joy.

In this time of reflection, I’ve been able to reassess my goals and find a form of flourishing. Time to grow while the sun is still out, and what better season than now. This summer hasn’t been easy, but aren’t all things difficult before they are? 



Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 3.58.50 PM


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