Confession: I Watch Jersey Shore

I’m assuming that the title enough gives away what I’m about to talk about, and I’m excited to address/admit to the fact that I still watch reruns of Jersey Shore shamelessly.


I have met other scholarly-inclined people in my career and schooling, people who preach about the dangers and time consumption of television- especially the mind-numbingly pointless garbage reality shows (not my words), and if one wants to succeed in life, he or she must not spend time sitting idly by leaving Cheeto-dust fingerprints on the remote as they switch channels.

The theory behind this behavior is a psychological one (, and essentially describes that the reason why we are so drawn to television, especially reality shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is because it’s an escape from our own boringness and a dive into something different. Maybe your fetish is the hillbilly patriarchy (Duck Dynasty) or the fantasy of competing at such a high level while trying to juggle childhood (Dance Moms, Toddlers and Tiaras). Whatever it is you wish you could do (or the opposite seems to fascinate equally), some producer has created a show to represent it. 

My fascination with reality TV is simply learning and observing a lifestyle outside of my own, and I feel like his extends beyond the realms of the reality TV lens. When it comes to Jersey Shore, things like the intertwined relationships of the people in the house, the easy-going party-centered lifestyle, and Snooki’s personality, keep me coming back.

However, when analyzed with the above article of the psychology behind reality television, I don’t ever feel the intense craving to spend the summer in New Jersey, or stay out until 4 am bar-hopping. I watch the show because I learn about people and places and situations so unlike anything in my life. And also because I often laugh out loud, and humor is my main source of entertainment in a world of sad news stories and political arguments. 


Therefore, this whole Jersey Shore post just goes to explain the educational connection of reality television. Or just my excuse as to why I still crack up every time Snooki or DJ Pauly D do something humorous.

Either way, don’t be afraid to admit to the fact that you still watch “mind-numbingly pointless garbage reality shows” and love every minute of it. 

Stay shameless,


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