A Letter to My Future Child: Planning with Patience

Dear Future Child,

Everyone functions differently. I’m sure you are aware at this point in your life that I’m a planner. I get it from my own mom and despite the “stress” it causes her and the family, according to my father, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Planning each month, each week, each day brings me comfort, security, and satisfaction that I’m doing something with my life, but I sometimes worry that I won’t ever get over this feeling of endless desire to reach the greater purpose of my life (and help you reach yours, of course). 

I’ll admit that there’s also a great downfall to being an obsessive planner: disappointment. There was a time in my life (and maybe there still is) that if things didn’t go according to my perfect, meticulous plan, than the entire day was ruined. Dinner plans got moved, I got called in to work, a project got canceled, someone got sick, the rain prevented a beautiful day of activities, etc etc, it all flipped my entire mindset, attitude, and mood to gloom and misery. Once one thing was turned down, the entire blueprint spiraled downhill with it, mostly because of my “all-or-nothing” mindset (https://www.verywellmind.com/all-or-nothing-thinking-2584173).


If there’s one weakness (or a few) that I hope you don’t pick up from me, it’s the extreme mindset that even if the smallest of situations flop, everything is sure to do the same. If I have my way, and with enough help, I will train myself to stop thinking this way, but old habits die hard, honey.

Now, as a nineteen-year old trying to succeed and produce greatness from my existence, my plan is my lifeline. And when my plans don’t go according to plan (as they often tend to do, c’est la vie, darling), the whole day might as well be over. You can imagine how problematic this is for a college student trying to balance making money, having a relationship, staying healthy and active, keeping up with friends, and pursuing a writing career on the side. These things require planning now, and planning for the future, when I get to start hanging out with you!

And from this lesson, I want you to know how important it is to plan for what you want. Set your mindset for something wonderful, something magnificent, something bold and revolutionary. You are always and already meant for big things. But I also want you to know how important it is to not allow these plans to control you. Be independent. Be flexible. Be adventurous. And don’t worry so much about the weather or a slight adjustment to the schedule.

It all works out in the end, because your plan is so much smaller in comparrasion to your purpose on this planet. You’ll figure that out sooner than later. I believe in your power already, little one.



Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 3.58.50 PM



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