Shades of Yellow

As ridiculously busy as I’ve been this week (and this whole last month of college for crying out loud), I’ve began to notice something peculiar, randomly, and possibly meaningless. But I don’t believe in coincidences, and my eyes have been drawn to every deep yellow color I come across. A mustard-y, buttery, honey, dandelion-y color, in hundreds of different shades and hues appeared before my daily routines.

I’ve spent the week trying to distract myself from the throbbing in my head and the raw irritation in my throat, so paying attention to the small things has been what really got me through. Because of this exasperating cold, I’ve been ingesting as much turmeric as possible (if you don’t know about this amazing supplement, educate yourself! And guess what color turmeric is when mixed into food or drink?

Now, this color isn’t bright, not a neon or a glowing, but rather a type of yellow that you want to curl around and take a nap in. The kind of yellow that feels like lotion soaking into dry and cracked skin on cold days. The type of yellow that tastes warm and soothing and reminds you that the seasons are changing, but each change is gradual.

I have such an issue with change. And yet it happens anyways.

C’est la vie; this too shall pass.

But this winter kicked my ass, and even though there is the occasional day of above 50 degrees, April is proving to be no exception. The Midwest sure likes to pull the heartstrings of my seasonal affective disorder, and the only change I’m looking for is one where the tulips bloom and the sun shines (an obsession with yellow has taken over my life).

2114bcdc07ccde8be742e8dca18ab6fb.jpgThey say to look at life through the rose-colored glasses in order to live an optimistic life, but I’m deciding to find a pair of mustard yellow glasses, because if I can’t find the sunshine then I’ll make it. Here’s to a better week full of warm hues and warm air.

Hopeful (and very under the weather),




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