Birthday Joy

Let me begin by informing you of the randomness of this post idea. My birthday is in November (Scorpio season is the best season), so this isn’t some upcoming occasion that I had on my mind. And yet, I’m always thinking about birthdays- not just mine, but my family and friends’ too. I have every birthday in my planner, and enough postage to send homemade or funny store-bought cards (usually of puppies or old women) to my loved ones.

Today, I was reminded of this birthday appreciation because I heard someone say, “Valentine’s Day is my second favorite holiday, after my birthday. If you don’t know me: my birthday is a holiday.”

My boyfriend nudged me with his elbow, as if to remind me that I too, happen to have a national holiday birthday. At least in my mind, that is.

The reason behind this thinking may be because of the cake. Some years I like heavy, thick, creamy frosting, and others are better thin and sweet. The reason may be because of the decorations. I would prefer to have balloons up all year, confetti as a carpet, and sparkles on every countertop, but I have a feeling my family might not share this celebratory desire. Maybe, and hear me out, the reason is because of the gifts, the wrapping and bows, the tissue paper, the urgent expectancy. I like getting presents, but I love giving them more.

I think the real reason, however, is not about frosting or confetti or presents, it’s about the celebration of life. People who don’t celebrate or dislike their birthday break my heart, because it’s a blessing and a joy to have made it another year around the sun.

This world is cruel and mean and wicked at times, and to have survived and overcame another year is a reason to party. It’s a reason to dance, eat cupcakes, sing karaoke, wear a crown! It’s a reason to tell your mom how much you love her and your boyfriend how thankful you are for him! Birthdays are a reason to keep pushing through the tougher days, to get to the celebration.

The feeling of joy on your birthday is unmatched.

A day dedicated to the living of life is much needed, and even though it’s only once a year (and not until November), I’m still crossing off the months in eager anticipation of another spinning ride on this planet.



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