My Ultimate Playlist

As someone who loves music in every form (live, recorded, in the shower, through the radio), I’ve decided to share something with my audience, in hopes that I can relate to a few, or make some friends. I spent Saturday night at a downtown music hub with some friends listening, dancing, and enjoying our youth, and I realized how much music, especially live, just rocks. I’m sure there’s some science behind this, like endorphin release etc, and I wanted to put together a presentation of my ultimate playlist, the very songs and albums that I use to make it through the day.

I won’t elaborate on each, because frankly I don’t have time to write that and you don’t have time to read it, so if you’re unfamiliar with a group or artist, there’s this wonderful site called YouTube (and you should follow my channel!) Enjoy my taste of country, pop, rap, and alternative, because a lack of variety in life is boring!

PS: Any name with a * indicates I have seen the live performance.


*Twenty One Pilots:

After seeing this band in concert nearly a year ago, I soon after became unhealthily obsessed. I found every song ever sang by Tyler and played by Josh, and would plug in headphones any occasion I had the chance. Bathroom breaks, short car rides down the street, even walking in between classes became filled with the sound of Twenty One Pilots. Would highly recommend this concert to any and every person who enjoys a show.

  • Full Album: Vessel
  • Full Album: Blurryface



  • Song:
    • Don’t Take The Money
    • I Wanna Get Better


Two Door Cinema Club:

One of my top three all-time favorite bands, I can’t remember the first time listening to Two Door Cinema Club. I remember the song though, Undercover Martian, and thinking how strange and well this piece worked together. I’ve downloaded every other album of theirs, and listen at the gym or when I need to have lifted spirits. A very upbeat group.

  • Full Album: Tourist History


*Bruno Mars:

My ultimate, forever favorite artist to dance too, my teenage years have been spent listening to Bruno Mars’ golden voice while trying to perfect my (getting better) dance moves. This concert is in the top three I’ve seen, mostly because he sounds just as good live as he does recorded.

  • Songs:
    • Treasure
    • 24k Magic
  • Full album: Doo-Wops & Hooligans


*Zac Brown Band

Even before I saw this group perform in concert, I fell in love with lead singer Zac Brown’s smooth voice, and can’t stop from singing about paradise (even if it is country).

  • Songs:
    • Castaway
    • Remedy


*Kenny Chesney

Oh, Kenny. This man reminds me of my childhood and listening to easy country on the radio. My favorite thing about him (and his concert) is his overall theme of “relaxation on the beach”. Songs about anywhere warm is my favorite thing to dream about.

  • Songs:
    • El Cerrito Place
    • You and Tequila



A little on the punk side and a little on the throwback side (except they just released a new album!!!!), Weezer has a special place in my heart, as “Island in the Sun” is my all time favorite comfort song.

  • Songs:
    • Buddy Holly
    • Island In The Sun


The Killers:

  • Songs:
    • Smile Like You Mean It
    • Mr. Brightside
    • The Man


*Imagine Dragons:

I saw the concert before I became infatuated with the vocals and instrumentals of this band, and am hoping and wishing for the next tour. Imagine Dragons gives off a nostalgic emotion when they play, and set the perfect mood for many occasions.

  • Songs:
    • Amsterdam
    • Shots
  • Full Album: Evolve


*Jon Bellion

  • Songs:
    • Luxury
    • Oooh


*The 1975

  • Songs:
    • The Sound
    • Settle Down



I know, I know. Everyone likes Drake. I have to agree though, because this artist reminds me of sorrowful high school car rides and late night flashing lights party.

  • Full album: Take Care
  • Full album: More Life

Processed with MOLDIV


Honestly, if I’m not dancing to Bruno Mars, I’m dancing to the Migos.

  • Songs:
    • Stir Fry
    • Fight Night



A bucket list group of mine, the only way I can describe this concert is chills. Somehow by miracle and luck, my father and I found ourselves standing stageside, and was close enough to smell Chris Martin!!!!!!!! That itself was on my bucket list! Despite confetti and flying giant balloons, the music of Coldplay is the real entertainment.

  • Songs:
    • Viva La Vida
    • Charlie Brown
    • Paradise
    • Hymn For the Weekend (Beyonce!)
    • Birds



  • Songs:
    • Hard Times
    • That’s What You Get


Linkin Park

  • Songs:
    • Numb
    • Heavy


Kings of Leon

  • Songs:
    • Waste A Moment
    • Sex on Fire



This folky, calm sounding band has changed my life, as the songs bring soothing to listeners ears. Their work reminds me of poetry, and everything this band does is sure to be playing through my headphones every morning.

  • Songs:
    • Ophelia
    • Ho Hey
    • Cleopatra


I hope you’ve heard of one or more of these artists, albums, and songs. If you have a favorite that isn’t on the list, I’d love to hear from you! Email me: or leave a comment below!

Forever rocking,


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