Laughter: 12 DOG

Today is the tenth day of my gratitude series, and I am in disbelief that Christmas is this week. I feel unprepared and vulnerable, as if I am unready for the piles of ripped wrapping paper and tape.

This season is packed full of expectations, and with expectations comes disappointment. If the cocoa isn’t the perfect temperature, if the present isn’t what was hoped for, if the cookies turned out a little burnt, Christmas is ruined. Okay, that might be slightly dramatic, but I’m just sick of the slushy melted snow roads and the crowds of people at the store.

I’m complaining and off-track, and this series is supposed to highlight my gratitude. I am just thankful to have the opportunity to write this and share it with you, but above that even, I am thankful for laughter.


For me, laughter is the best medicine. There hasn’t been a dark day that wasn’t cured (temporarily at least) with a good, deep laugh. My favorite kind is the breathlessly gasping for air with tears in your eyes, unable to stand straight, laughter. This to me, is pure happiness, and especially in the cold, sunshine shortage winter months, this is what writer Anne Lamott calls “carbonated holiness.”

I could certainly use a little more carbonated holiness in my life, whether it be bubbles of light and joy, or a simple smile.

This season, I am especially thankful for the people who have the ability to make others laugh, whether it be intentionally or unintentionally. We humans have a tendency to trust those who can make us giggle, and I don’t see the problem with this. Because these are the kind of people I want to surround myself with, people who will lift me higher rather than bring me down. Laughter floats, laughter soars, and laughter raises even the most frozen, dismal of spirits.


And thankfully in this day and age, when the loneliness is particularly crippling, we are blessed to have access to countless videos of puppies, babies, and comedians. All at the click of a button, five minutes of puppies jumping on a trampoline and the atmosphere softens.

Laughter is just waiting to be spread this season. Call upon what you need, especially when it comes to carbonated holiness.



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