Family: 12 DOG

Today’s subject simply is too much to cover. I cannot do it all in one blog post, one day, or even one series because my gratitude for these people is far too big.

On the ninth day of this series, I am thankful for my family.


This blog is around three years old, and if you’ve been following me for a while, then you’re bound to already know something about my family. I have already touched a bit about them in this series already, on the subject of what home means to me. Home is family, but home is the feeling of accepting myself/my circumstance. And this feeling of acceptance was introduced and reinforced by my family unit.

For nineteen years, my two major influences in life were my mom and my dad. Both intelligent, successful, and flourishing people, I did my best to follow in their footsteps by creating my own path. Despite the times I got lost along the way, my parents continued and still are my map; they are my way back home.

Sometimes, the speed bumps and road blocks in the path were too scary to face alone, but I’ve learned a thing or two from my younger brothers. I’ve learned about persistence from the endless ways they annoy me, and about courage from their fearless nature when I begin to yell and threaten.. Just kidding, their persistence and courage springs from the fact that they are two strong boys who fight for what they want in life, and stand up to any barrier in their way. I’d like to attribute their toughness to my constant teasing growing up, but they’ve been resilient all along.


My entire family, grandparents included, have supported me through every sport, every school program, the decision to go from a public to private education, and most of all, through the process of writing and publishing two books and beginning my career at age seventeen. I owe every success in my life to their teachings, and for this, I am thankful.

Very, very thankful to not be alone in this process.




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