Sushi: 12 DOG

On this frosty second day of gratitude, I am taking the opportunity to express and appreciate something that isn’t even close to a secret: I love sushi.


Now, I don’t love all sushi. I love raw sushi. It is authentic, genuine, and original. I’m not trying to criticize cooked sushi, but I think that’s the American version, and most people only eat it when it’s been fried.

Sushi can be intimidating, without a doubt. I have witnessed many timid first bites, and many mixed reactions. The seaweed can be daunting, and the rice isn’t like anything you’ve had before. And what’s on the inside can be even more scary: fish! I’ve been vegetarian, and I’ve been vegan, and thanks to these two periods in my life, meat and I just don’t sit well together. However, the one exception is salmon. I was raised eating the bright pink muscle, and taught how good it was for my growing brain. Mostly when I was younger, I just liked to lick off the seasoning my mom sprinkled over the cooked fish.  

As you may know, I am obsessed with being in control. Another reason me and sushi get along so great is that there are countless options! Sushi isn’t just raw fish wrapped in seaweed and rice, even though that’s what I prefer.

Sashimi is raw fish served alone with nothing else, ideal for those fish-loving fans. However, if you can’t handle that, the next best thing is Nigri. A topping of fish, served over rice, nigiri is best when raw, and ideal for people who appreciate the taste of fish, and also need a little rice to tone down the extreme seafood challenge. Maki is rice and filling (vegetable, cream cheese, fish, etc) wrapped in seaweed. This is what comes to mind when most think of sushi, and is easy to get creative and adventurous with the recipe.

Yes, one of the sushi pieces is winking.

What is in all of the above? The meat may include tuna, crab, shrimp, salmon, eel, clam, squid, or octopus. The middle stuffing may include avocado, cream cheese, tempura, cucumber, and other assorted vegetables. Sushi typically comes with soy sauce for dipping (extra flavor), ginger for adding spice and zest, and wasabi for stirring into the soy sauce (DO NOT EAT RAW. You will cry and drink water until the tears stop, which may be never. Steer clear of the green wasabi if it’s your first time.)

Honestly, I just really love this food, and giving a lesson on my lifestyle blog about fish is worth it. I simply had to include it in my 12 DOG series, and I hope it inspires you to try something new this holiday season. Give me a call and I’d be there to help you through the process. Happy feasting, all.

Yours sincerely,



(Just for a reference of a credible source and not just an obsessed nineteen year old blonde girl:

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