Education: 12 DOG

Hello all, and happy December. It is the final month of the year, and 2017 has taught me so many things. Besides the fact that I really miss Obama and Vine, 2017 also enlightened me to a few things. I ate a lot of sushi, traveled, and met my new best friend. And especially at the time of another year ending, I find myself reminiscing on the past just as much as I plan for the future.

The title of this series is “12 Days of Gratitude” or (12 DOG, more conveniently), because I have far too many blessings than I deserve.

Day 1 is a reflection upon my gratitude toward the education I’ve received/will be receiving someday.


I began learning from a television show called “Baby Mozart” around eight months old. I can still recall details of this show, which featured shapes and orchestra music. My mom was very attentive to the likes of this program, because it was rumored to stimulate growth in the brains of babies.

I’d like to imagine that it somehow worked.

I was sent to a private pre-school 25 minutes from my home called the “Gingerbread House.” This place was the freaking best! I remember bawling my eyes out and reaching towards my departing mother, but as soon as I was allowed to play inside the doll house, all my tears were wiped away with glitter and dress up clothes.

I learned how to interact with other children, and also how to become the teacher’s favorite student. In fact, I know a few of my pre-school teachers read this blog! I’d like to take a moment to thank them for teaching me fifteen years ago how to use my attitude for good, rather than evil.

My brothers don’t always agree with this.

All artwork of the series will be my own.

I went to an elementary school that was two driving and 12 walking minutes from my house, and this was only a blessing. My mother ate lunch with me frequently, and every time she drove past the school, she would honk rapidly. It was a reminder that she was always near when I needed her, and writing this from 200 miles away is quite the bummer.

I received a secondary education and degree from a Catholic school that saved me from the toxicity of mid-teenage years, and a place I was deeply unhappy. Here, I made new friends, studied religion, and overcame the challenges of high school. I am especially grateful for this school because of the countless doors it opened and horizons it broadened for my future.

Today, I am attending a university in Lawrence, Kansas, and study English and Creative writing, with a minor in Art History. College education is certainly different than any past experience I’ve had, simply because it comes with so much freedom. No one is forcing me to do homework or even attend class, but yet I do it anyways because I am so darned happy to be here.

I think it’s mostly because I love learning.

I don’t know where or when I’ll continue my education, but I have so much desire and passion towards learning that I know I’d take night classes online if I had to. I am very grateful for my past education, and the opportunity that each school and program has given me.

Whether I learn from my teachers, my peers, or simply from my mistakes, I am thankful either way.




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