19 in 19: Summary

I am currently reeling in the events of the weekend, and the entire month of November. I began my series the day before the first of the month, and now that it’s nearly over and the series has ended, I am reminded once again how quickly life sneaks away. The individual hours may seem long (in class or at work especially), but the days as a whole move at a breakneck pace that keeps me gasping for air while running uphill.

I do my best to slow down and breathe, but it’s easier said than done. Isn’t everything? My series helped me feel more connected, more in control of the frantic speed of nineteen years, which isn’t that long compared to some of you. There are folks out there who have way more experience and way more knowledge than my little young self, and I am grateful for these people. In this series alone, I’ve gained 50+ more readers, and I am thankful for each and every one.

I want to be revolutionary, and I want to create something that matters. And in my nineteenth year, I hope to do that.

Below is the list of my series, and I’d like to thank all photographers and contributors, and everyone who has helped along the way, with their patience and teachings.

  1. Focused Intentionality
  2. Junk Removal
  3. Boldly Assertive
  4. Work with Worry
  5. Traveling (Outlook vs View)
  6. Ask for Help
  7. Birdwatching and Other Hobbies
  8. Stably Saving & Spending
  9. Read More
  10. Stop Comparing
  11. Feed Your Soul
  12. Beware Energy Vampires
  13. PopTart Cakes (Healthy vs Happy)
  14. Internal Home
  15. The Little Things
  16. All Around Balance
  17. Self Discovery
  18. Alone Time
  19. Trust the Universe

Here’s to the nineteenth journey.


Madeleine Rheinheimer

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