19 in 19: Alone Time

I heard a joke the other day that went something along the lines of “how do know if someone is an introvert? They’ll tell you, then won’t speak again.” While I find this decently funny, I also think of myself as something along the lines of an extroverted-introvert.

While I get my power mostly from within, I enjoy to be around people (when and who I choose, mind you). Good people give me life motivation, and bad people just give me good writing material. Most days I consider both to be a win for me.

But I am carefully selective with who I give my time to, because it’s the most valuable thing to my name. The drainage of having my time sucked away by the negative droning of the news or the petty drama from high school girls is rather disheartening, and I don’t have enough time to have it wasted.


The lesson of the eighteenth day of my series is to spend more alone time. To be happy with oneself is the greatest accomplishment on the planet. Because when it comes down to it, your relationship with yourself is the most important you’ll ever have.

You will never have to interact with someone as much as yourself. And to love that person with whom you share every meal with, every laugh with, every tear with, every minute with is the best thing possible.

Everybody should be an introvert is what I’m getting at, but also the world would be a much more reserved and quiet place. Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing? We could all use a little more peace around here, and that can’t be achieved until we achieve peace of the mind.

Take some time to spend with yourself today, dedicated and intentional time. I promise it won’t be wasted.

Au revoir,



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