19 in 19: All-Around Balance

I like to think of myself often as a much older, wiser and more refined woman than just another nineteen year old teenage girl. While I have many theories and reasons to support my hypothesis, one compelling argument is my bed time.

I can’t remember a time in my teenage years that I didn’t feel exhausted by 9 pm. Now, my early bedtime means an early wake up call, and sleeping in past 7 am is dreadful in my mind- it wastes so much of the day! The sun has already been up for hours. I try to utilize as much as the sun’s time as I can, because I have another theory that the sun prevents sickness and sadness.

I had a few difficulties with sleeping problems growing up, and was often restless and tired. I would sleep scream and sleep walk and end up in strange places like the bathtub (this however, could also be in part due to the crazy amounts or sugar I was consuming- see “Pop-tart Cakes (Happy vs Healthy)” for reference). But overall, once I found my balance, I found myself sleeping deeply and soundly, and waking up early and well rested.

The lesson of day sixteen is to develop your own balanced schedule and routine. This isn’t just about getting enough sleep; balance is about feeling like everything is in place and where it should be.

Of all the things I find myself searching for, the number one sought-after is always balance. Whether it be at the gym, a restaurant, the classroom, or even the yoga mat, all I truly want is balance.


One of my first ever longboard rides captured on camera- a ridiculous amount of balance is needed!

If I’m going to the gym, I try to find the balance between cardio and weightlifting. If I’m eating out at a restaurant, I try to find the balance between a side of French-fries and a side of salad. If I’m in class, I try to find balance between listening and brainstorming (I need to focus more on the listening skill- I often find myself enthralled in my own head. It’s a writer’s problem). And If I’m practicing yoga, I just try to find physical balance and mental balance- double the effort but double the reward.

What I’m trying to encourage  is the need for balance we all have. Stability and balance go hand in hand, and the more balance you seek the more stable you become.

Sincerely and always seeking,



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