19 in 19: Feed Your Soul

I’ve developed a sort of hobby that turned into a lifestyle, and it may a bit abnormal or “freaky” for some to accept. Call it the free-spirit, contemporary, mystic, nonconformist maybe, but I don’t think it has to have a certain definition. I call it simply being happy, and happily connected to something deeper than myself.

Lesson of day eleven is to feed your soul. Your spirit has been starving for you to concentrate on it, and through every headache, stomachache, nightmare, and breakdown, it gets more and more hungry for your attentive care.

Give yourself  what you deserve. Take a hot bath, drink a cup of tea, do yoga, start running, eat organic, go meatless, take a nap, get a massage, go hiking, pet a dog, clean your house, get some ice cream. Any of these activities involve listening and connecting to your inner being.


Your body already knows the answer to every problem you can’t figure out, but the solution has been muddied with false information, doubt, and fear. Clear your anxiety through prayer and meditation, and calm your restless tension.

I did a lot of research on Indian healing, the Chakras, ancient practices, benefits of aromatherapy, the ability to energy read, clairvoyants, astrology, and the development of yoga throughout history. I am fascinated by the unknown amount of power radiating from the universe and the human mind, but not everyone has the ability to understand it.

Once I began listening to my body and the energy it was begging for, my anxiety levels went down, and my patience went up (a major win for me, I am a person of very little patience). I’m not asking you to try to move objects with your mind or sense paranormal activity, but just try a three minute breathing exercise or go to a yoga class at your local gym.

The benefits are worth the endeavor.

Whole and Truthful,


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