19 in 19: Read More

I’m sure I’ve said this before so I apologize for being repetitive, but it’s one of my most important lessons for aspiring writers who follow this blog (or simply anyone wishing to educate themselves).

Let’s say my brother wants to be a professional baseball player.

In order to achieve this, he has to practice everyday. He has to lift weights and run miles and do drills and catch and eat healthy and drink protein and hit balls. He has to practice for his dream, otherwise he won’t be able to play professional baseball.

I want to be a professional writer.

In order to achieve this, I have to practice everyday. But…. there’s only so many finger exercises and literary term flashcards to memorize. Therefore, in order to practice for my dream, I have to read.

Reading for writers is like lifting weights for athletes is what I’m saying. I like that comparison.


The lesson of day nine is to read more. I’m guessing a lot of you already read, I mean, this blog counts as reading something at least. But I want you to read more.

Read more than just your twitter timeline. Read more than just the local news. Read more than just the journal assignment from class. Read more than just the mass-sent work email. Read more than just your kid’s bedtime story. Read more than just the label on the back of the cereal box. Read more than just the billboards on the interstate.

You don’t even have to be a writer to want to read, and I’m telling you people, THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS!!!!! You can read about the lives of super stars, the worlds of goblins and aliens, the love story about an activist and a politician, the ways bacteria affects the body in the winter, you name it! Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, mystery, fantasy, there are genres for every style you could ever wish to expand upon.

And in the end, that’s what reading comes down to: expanding upon subjects you wish to explore, all without leaving the luxury of your couch. Or, for those never-inactive or bored aspiring authors as myself, they make books small enough to fit in your purse (and on your phone, but I still am on the fence with e-books).

I promise there is a life changing book out there just waiting to be flipped through. Give it a chance.


Peace and blessings,



PS: If you’re looking for somewhere to start your reading journey, I know two books you are bound to enjoy..

P.P.S: And yes, I am self-promoting because this is my series and my blog and I am a nearly- nineteen year old looking to spread my message.


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