19 in 19: Stably Saving & Spending

The popular saying goes something like, “Money can’t buy happiness.” And yet, money can help you obtain pretty much every goal or dream, if you think about it. Before you scold me for being shallow, hear me out with this simple example: I want to be a best-selling author and writer.

But I need an updated version of laptop to take with me at the very least, and that’s $1000.00 alone.

I want to travel the world sharing my testimony and listening to strangers’ stories.

But I’m not even going to tell you how much international airline tickets would break the bank, not to mention the cost of hotels, restaurants, and the fee for safari jeep rides or swimming with dolphins (you can’t pass up on either).

I want to drive a safe car, live in a comfortable house, and buy little pink baby Uggs (so unnecessary, yet so adorable) for my future daughter… If only everything I’ve ever wanted in life could be reasonably affordable.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

I’ve had off and on jobs here and there from gardening to babysitting, and I do my best to keep every last penny (quite literally, I have a cup of coins). But lesson eight of nineteen is to find stability between saving and spending. Go crazy while you still can. Nineteen is a great age to go crazy. And so is whatever age you are, because age is just a damn number that doesn’t define your inner self.

Book the trip to Japan to eat the world’s best sushi. But also, look for some coupons in your area.

Treat yourself to a spa day with unlimited massages and essential oils, but make an extra batch of dinner for the week so your family doesn’t have to eat out.

Drive six hours to visit the art musuem of your dreams, but try to drink coffee made in your kitchen instead of at Starbucks (I am so guilty of this).

What I’m trying to say is that you will never be as young as you are in this moment, and you never know when another opportunity like this may roll around. But find that ideal balance between cradling your savings account and using it to treat yourself to some happiness.

Live wisely, but live without regret. And trust the abundance of the universe.




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