19 in 19: Ask for Help

If there’s one thing I’ve realized about myself in my lifetime, it’s that I am very hesitant to openly show signs of weakness. All signs of the breakdown it took to get out of bed will be wiped away by the time I reach my first class. The internal worries that swirl and blend into my thoughts are concealed by a careful look of concentration. Every single flaw and imperfection is hidden behind the mask of confidence that I’ve picked up over the last three years.

But that’s a really shitty way to live, and I don’t deserve to walk the earth in a disguise.


Day six brings to light that it’s okay to ask for help. We all need it at some point, because life isn’t easy, and nearly impossible to brave alone.

If you’re like me, you like to pretend that you’re strong, independent, and just fine. You may be struggling with math, but going to a tutor or asking someone to help is embarrassing. You may have six duffel bags of clothes in the car that need to be carried to your dorm, but you’re an independent woman who can handle it. You may be feeling like the sun never shines anymore and there’s no point getting out of bed, but everybody has bad days… right?

When I finally broke down to the point of mental exhaustion from carrying so much weight on my shoulders, I understood that everybody has weakness. And it’s these weaknesses that teach us how we can be strong.

You may be struggling physically to accomplish “the thing”. You may be fighting mentally to achieve peace of mind. But I’m begging you now to understand that asking for help isn’t meant to humiliate. Asking for help is the way to get where you want to go without tormenting yourself in the process.

I may still keep things quietly to myself, but I’ve learned that you win more games when you have teammates to work with. Ask for help if you need it.

Truthfully yours,


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