19 in 19: Boldly Assertive

When I’m writing, it’s easy to be vocal with my thoughts and opinions, and even sprinkle in the occasional sass every few sentences. However, when I’m confronting my problems aloud, I suddenly shy into a shell of apologetically cliche and basic expressions.

But over the course of my 19 years, I’ve tried to speak up a little more about how I feel and what I want. Nearly every child has untamed amount of energy and electricity in their veins, and as they grow, their light diminishes to fit the completion of society.

In elementary school, I enjoyed being the center of attention and rocked a homemade dance routine every talent show (“These Boots Are Made For Walking” was easily the best). With this newfound spotlight, I was full of opinions and ideas.

As a child, I was also a fashionista. I can’t tell if my favorite part of this ensemble is the pink shades or the floral flood pants. Either way, bold was my middle name.

In junior high, I was a new kid and my confidence quickly declined as I noticed how different I spoke/thought/behaved. The spotlight was something I no longer felt, or even needed at that point, because I wanted to hide in every shadow. My opinions and ideas remained bubbling at the surface, but I swallowed down every word before it escaped.

In high school, I took a brave step from the shadows and turned on a flashlight until I found the path that I had strayed from, and I hightailed it out of bleak and somber place I had thought was my home.

But I now know the defintion of home, and it’s the place where you can speak your mind, share your dreams, and not be afraid to laugh out loud.

Today, I am in college. I am nowhere near the loud and outgoing little girl dancing on a stage in red sparkly cowboy boots, but I am also not afraid to communicate when I have something to say. Day after day I am more thankful for my ability to express myself over the keyboard, but my lesson of day three is: be boldly assertive when you have something on your mind. You only have so many opportunities to change the world, and if you don’t declare your wishes, you can’t expect a revolution in return.

Remember the person you were as a child, and make them proud today.

Forever the same,



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