19 in 19: Junk Removal

I was raised with a particular mindset that I don’t recommend for the faint of heart or those who are reasonable. I was taught that pretty much any sadness could be cured in the dollar section of Target. I am still a firm believer in this today, (but have also cured some stress and tension at Tiffany’s) and think that retail therapy is real and powerful.

Thanks to this belief, I am a subtle hoarder. I am very good at hiding all of my things. But after watching a documentary about the benefits of minimalism, I began to pack away my useless belongings into many cardboard boxes and big black trash bags.

Going to college 3 and a half hours away from my hoarding headquarters proved a difficult challenge to overcome, as leaving my junk behind was just one of the many struggles I faced. Deciding between my forty-seven different pairs of jeans and my button collection from fifth grade, I eventually narrowed my options down to two full carloads and shipped a few extra boxes to the dorm.

While I may be just slightly exaggerating, I cannot express how much my life changed when I de-cluttered my life. The mental effects of living with the minimal amount of objects surrounding you strengthens focus and enhances creativity (not to mention saves money!) Pack up old DVD’s, magazines, unmatched socks, and the horrid junk drawer we all hide in the kitchen, and say goodbye to everything you no longer need.

For me personally (and a handful of you I’m sure), I didn’t just need to get rid of old or useless objects to feel my stressful/negative mindset to shift- I needed to get rid of the toxic people in my life.


Day two: Get rid of stuff you don’t need.

If that includes the girl/boy who has been causing you agony thanks to their attitude, remember what I said above. Say goodbye to everything you no longer need. 

The reality I’ve learned in 19 years is that we outgrow people just the same as we outgrow wool Christmas sweaters from 6th grade. I have not only eliminated the physical junk in my life, I’ve removed the mental junk from the awfully toxic people who brought me no benefit.

You’d be surprised how much easier it is to breathe these days.

Do what you need to do to bring clarity and focus to your life. Remove the junk.



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