19 in 19: Focused Intentionality

Despite the fact that today is the prime holiday for those who enjoy the supernatural side of the Universe, I have to start a new series that is completely non-related to all things spooky.

I turn 19 in 19 days from the time this piece is posted, and I wanted to share 19 lessons I’ve learned from my continued survival in this world. I began writing for this blog at age 16, and I’ve learned nearly enough in these past three years to fill an entire book (maybe that’ll be next on my list to publish?) But because I can’t write a book on this website, I’m going to sum up my most important life lessons in the next two and a half weeks.

Day One: Focused energy/intentionality is the key secret to accomplishment

As I began to brainstorm about everything I want to share with you, I got distracted with my buzzing phone, a Facebook notification, and two new emails. I lost my train of thought as I scrolled through the timelines, hopelessly preoccupied by irrelevant pictures, thoughts, and clips of babies laughing (these videos are also my favorite distraction when the workload becomes overwhelming).

Even as I write this, I am thinking about what to eat for lunch, what I have to do before class tomorrow, and listening to a YouTube ad for a music festival. One thought tumbles into the next and before I realize it, I’m slipping down a useless tunnel.

As someone who thrives off of control (a dangerous demand in itself), I feel like I’ve taken two steps back when wanting nothing more than to move forward with my work, my health, my classes, my hobbies, my time, etc. The feeling of lost accomplishment is quite distressing to me, and with too much clutter in my head, I find it difficult to grow as a writer, a student, a sister, daughter, girlfriend, and as a person.

And yet, I know how to fix these disheartening feelings of dashed hope, but focusing energy is easier said than done. Now, “focused energy” can be interpreted as many things, such as concentration, fixation, (healthy) obsession, and mindfulness. But the most helpful definition of focused energy for me is intentionally. It’s important for me to do each task in my life with a certain amount of deliberation in order to not only complete the project at hand, but to feel a sense of accomplishment.

The takeaway lesson of the day is to decide and dedicate.

Decide what you’re passionate about, and dedicate your full and focused energy to the subject.

In my lifetime, I’ve decided a few things, and although disappointment waits around the dark corners ready to attack when my focus falls victim to Facebook yet again, building my dedication stronger than my discouragement has helped me become the person I am today.



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