100 Strangers: #10

Having taken a break for the past few days to catch my breath, I picked up where I left off today and ventured out to find my 10th stranger of the project.

Niccole (spelled with two C’s) is a nineteen year-old from Ottawa Kansas. Her hobbies include watching video game channels on Youtube and looking up theories. She lit up immediately when I asked what brings her joy. “My cat,” she replied with a smile. She lives off campus in an apartment with her brother and two pet cats, she told me. Niccole likes fall fashion this time of year, and is glad to be wearing long pants again. Her favorite thing about herself is the fact that she is a deep thinker, and that she is nice.

I don’t have a picture of Niccole, but I’ll share this picture of a fluffy-looking cat.

I’m allergic to cats, and this one looks extra sneeze-worthy. Still cute though.



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