100 Strangers: #9

Today was tough for me, from 7:30 am until now. Walking around campus was both shockingly unsettling and surprisingly comforting. There is just so much confusion and turmoil and chaos to wrap our tiny little human heads around. But that’s the thing: we are just tiny little humans.

Enough sad feelings and getting deep, because today I met a very cheerful guy and want to tell you about him.

Clayton Titkemeier is an eighteen year old from Belleville, Kansas, but he was originally born in Italy. Coming from a military family, Clayton has traveled all his life, but chose KU for the diversity and opportunity. However, Boulder was a close second, simply because of his love of the Colorado atmosphere.

“My favorite thing about fall is that it’s not hot. I like the cool weather; I was born in the alps and I enjoy the cool environment. I also like pumpkin patches and other cliche fall things too,” he joked. In addition, Clayton enjoys playing video games, and rock climbing in the Colorado mountains.

When I asked Clayton his favorite thing about himself, he didn’t hesitate. “I like how caring I am. I’ve always been the type of person to be more concerned with how other people are doing than how I am.” He also shared with me that he wants to be a clinical psychologist, and after meeting him for a few brief minutes, I already know he’ll succeed easily in that field.

100 Strangers may be a difficult project to keep up with, but every day I meet incredible people, and realize that the feeling of isolation and loneliness doesn’t always have to ruin our day.


Madeleine Rheinheimer


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