100 Strangers: #7

I took a break from my project for the last two days, yet it’s a second instinct to scan the crowds for a stranger to approach with my business card in hand.

I’m always a little bit afraid that they won’t believe me, think I’m a spy for Russia, or just laugh at the idea. The business card helps me appear cool, calm, and legit, but I’m still nervous on the inside.

However, I’m not one to shy away from fear, and today I met Laura at a Starbucks in Maryville, Missouri. Laura is a twenty-two year old student at Northwest Missouri State University, and is planning on teaching Spanish after college. Her favorite thing about herself is the way she has the ability to be empathetic, and view both sides of the story. Laura also mentioned her love of Chihuahuas. She currently has one at home named Squirt, but sees herself getting more in the future.

(This is not Squirt, these are dogs from Pinterest, too cute not to share)

When asked who she viewed as a role model in life, she said “Any adult living their life well, who seem to have found fulfillment in life.” Fulfillment is such a strong, hopeful word, and someday I aspire to find it. Whether someday is tomorrow or next year, I’m taking things day by day and stranger by stranger.

Yours truly,


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