100 Strangers: #6

A rainy, cold Tuesday and wandering the dimly-lit halls of Wescoe (only KU students will understand this reference), and yours truly didn’t bring a jacket and was running on iced-coffee. However, that didn’t deter me from approaching a girl sitting cross-legged in the hallway and introducing myself and my project.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 1.41.27 PM

Kelsey Fuchs, an eighteen year old from Pittsburg, Kansas ended up at the University because it was far enough from home, but also close enough. When asked her favorite thing thus far about the year, she replied, “Just how many opportunities I’ve had.” Coming from a small, tight family, her childhood memory was their first trip together to California. Also in Kelsey’s past, was the fact that she was a dancer for ten years, performing in a group of forty girls. “I miss dance some days,” she says.

Whether it be dancing on a stage, dancing in the rain, or even dancing down the halls of Wescoe, I think we can all agree that sometimes all we need is a little music and extra iced coffee to find our groove. Thanks again to Kelsey for sharing!




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