100 Strangers: #5

A very good day as far as Mondays go, one filled with energy and the perfect amount of shade/sun combo. Following my typical weekday routine, I went to my favorite cafeteria on campus to get a spinach wrap, and met my fifth stranger of the project, Wilson.

Wilson Kimami is a twenty-two year old studying accounting at the university, and is originally from Kenya. Moving to America as a child, he says he came for a better education. “My favorite thing about myself is my drive, my motivation. I want to finish school, to get an education, and find a job I’m passionate about.” Wilson says his ideal job is anything that has to do with accounting or money.

Wilson did not wish to be pictured, but here’s a shoutout to his passion for accounting!

However, Wilson also shared with me a pastime of his: 3D modeling and animation. “You mean like… legos?” I asked with confusion. “No, like the online software!” he explained. Feeling very blonde, I laughed at my mistake and thanked him for sharing, and went on my way.

My head spun with ideas of lego houses and how much math goes into accounting, and I happily thought to myself how much more I enjoy being a writer, and having the opportunity to meet one stranger a day.



One thought on “100 Strangers: #5

  1. Maddie, I find your project very interesting and I am jealous because I never thought to do it myself. Most people would not believe that I am basically a shy person who doesn’t feel comfortable meeting new people outside the classroom. Keep it up.

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