100 Strangers: #4

It’s been a Sunday tradition (and week necessity) to attend church on Sunday, and I simply knew that my stranger of the day was in the room from the very first minute of the sermon this morning.

As I was walking out (and heading straight for a coffee refill from the lobby), I met Gina Daugherty, a member of the serving team at Velocity Church in downtown Lawrence.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 4.11.19 PM
Gina did not wish to be pictured, so here’s the logo for the most inspiring, lovely church in Lawrence.

Gina is 28 years old, and finds herself residing in Lawrence, Kansas while her husband attends the University for a graduate degree in Politics. Originally from Ohio, Gina is hopeful for the upcoming year for the fact that her husband will receive his degree, finish his dissertation, and move on to the next chapter of their life, wherever that may be. In the meantime, Gina enjoys reading and watercoloring as hobbies, as well as helping out Velocity Church.

The random fact which Gina (a history major) wants you to know, is that history is more than memorizing dead people and past dates- every subject you’re interested in has a history, a background, something meaningful that has helped it developed into the present.

Thanks to Gina (and the always wonderful Velocity Church) for helping me continue my project!

Yours truly,

Madeleine Rheinheimer

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