100 Strangers: #3

Another unusually hot Saturday, but that didn’t deter me from going to watch some Kansas football (I actually enjoy the band equally if not more, but that’s an entirely different subject).

Looking around for a stranger was so easy it became hard. I had so many options to choose from that I simply couldn’t decide. After getting awkwardly denied by one, I found my way to an approachable woman in uniform, and am so glad to have met Linda En, a 40 year-old Kansas University Police Medical Center from Kansas City.


While Linda dedicates her time to serving the public, she also enjoys reading (Nicholas Sparks in particular, romance books are her favorite), as well as growing roses. Her garden is her stress reliever, because another thing Linda enjoys is helping others. When asked what her favorite thing about herself, Linda hesitated. “I haven’t really thought about it…” she replied. “I spend my time thinking about others.” The final question I asked my new friend was what her thoughts were for the upcoming year. “I just hope it get’s better from here,” she said with a smile.

I’m in full agreement with Linda on that one, and am looking forward to each day and each stranger.



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