100 Strangers

I’ve made it officially through my first month of college.

I have yet to gain the freshmen fifteen, a large number of friends, and a sense of understanding football. The things I have gained include (but are not limited to) a best friend/roommate/long-lost sister, incredibly toned legs due to my nearly five mile daily walk around campus, an idea of my future career, and a general sense of direction. The pros tend to outweigh the cons these days, I am happy to report.

However, let’s turn back to that lack of large number of friends… I don’t have any excuse any more. This place is huge. There are roughly 28,000 students roaming around, not to mention countless staff, professors, and administration. 28,000 people, and I know about a dozen or so outside of my class. It’s time for me to step up my game.


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It’s no secret that I have a strong preference toward the characteristics of an introvert. I get my energy from within, and from sharing my writing and words. But I’m calling my own bullshit, and it feels liberating to finally take control of the shy, wimpy, whiny side that doesn’t want to branch out and talk to people. When will I ever have another experience in my lifetime to live a year in proximity to 28,000 people? I’m tired of not knowing anyone and not having friends.

Therefore, I am starting something. Something big. Something bold. Something I’m both terrified and thrilled to do.

I’m starting a new project on this blog. “100 Strangers”. I’m challenging myself to go out and talk to one complete stranger a day, and write about the experience. I’m not sure exactly what will come from this project, but I won’t know until I try. And I’m going to keep you strapped in and awaiting every curve for the entire ride.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to begin my 100 day journey, and hopefully make a few friends along the way.

Ready for the challenge,

Madeleine Rheinheimer

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