An Open Letter to My Brain III

Dear Brain,

It’s been a hot minute since I took the time to sit down and address you, but if not now then when? I’ve been doing my best to live in the moment lately, but there are just too many things falling off my to-do list these days that I’m just hanging on for the ride.

Have you noticed it too? That this whole “freshmen year” “off to college” “survival of the fittest (on your own)” kind of thing is just a giant roller coaster ride? It’s been three weeks and we’ve already made the rounds around the track, approaching the drops with determination and grit while enjoying the smooth sailing wind-in-my-hair.

I guess I have you to thank for the enjoyment portion of this amusement park, you’ve always been excited about learning and growing. But you’re also the main cause of my stress, because when it comes to change and loss of control you don’t do so hot. Now before you get defensive, I understand where you’re coming from.

It sucks wanting nothing more than a homemade cupcake and a hug while eating dining-hall oatmeal at a table alone. It sucks laying in bed at night listening to the party next door and wondering why you simply aren’t interested in cheap food and sweaty boys. It sucks to throw yourself into the unknown, not having a choice but to become helpless and defenseless.


But here’s the catch, we’re going to work this one out together: there’s this little thing called “trust” floating around in the universe, and it knows where you are at all times. You might find yourself helplessly scared in a place far from home, but when you open up a bit, trust is waiting outside the door.

I know I usually take advice from you and follow your directions, but just temporarily listen to me on this one: I trust that everything will be alright. Our life would be a lot easier if you agree. After all, this ride doesn’t last forever, we should enjoy the stomach-lurching drops and spins will we can.

Yours faithfully,


PS: Video to come 🙂

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