Life Through the Eyes of Michaela Edstrand

Michaela Edstrand, known by most as “Mickey”, is a seventeen-year old senior in high school. However, she is also known as the reigning National Queen for the National American Miss program.


Mickey competes on national levels, traveling coast to coast for pageants and public appearances. Holding the current title of National All-American Miss teen, she started off as “Miss Omaha”, representing our lovely city so well. As she travels nearly every week from state to state, Mickey has made countless new friends, and says her motto is “follow where the world takes her.”

In fact, next week Mickey will be traveling to Atlanta to compete in Jovani It Girl, a supermodel contest that’s complete with eight shows a day. Besides this trip, she plans on continuing her tour as the National Queen, where she has opportunities to meet young pageant girls all over the country. Michaela is also planning on competing for the Miss Nebraska Teen USA title in January, and would love for pageants to be a part of her life for as long as possible.

“It’s not all about glitz and glammar,” she says. “It’s much more than just how to look good on camera or pose for pictures, performing has taught me how to speak and interview.”

Her biggest piece of advice on life? “If one door opens, another one closes.”

Following the verse “Jeremiah 29:11”, Mickey trusts in God’s plan and timing. Recalling a time when she messed up her introduction speech in a national competition, she told me that it made her realize if this was God’s plan for her life, He would let it happen. She later went on to win the title.

Check out the full interview below with Michaela Edstrand, and follow her instagram @michaelaedstrand.



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