Summer Sleep

I’ve been learning a lot this summer, about myself and about the world.

I’ve been taking online classes, and learning about the world of fiction writing.

I’ve been going to the gym, and learning that running can be a tortuous or freeing action, all depending on your breathing.

I’ve been spending time at the library, and learning that I it’s okay to leave with an armful of books, I just have to remember when they’re due.

I’ve been eating at new restaurants, and learning that no matter where I go, avocado cucumber rolls hit the spot every time.

I’ve been reading my book, “Undefined” (get your copy at the link below, or through Amazon or Barnes and Noble) to elementary students across Omaha, and learning that I am doing exactly what I’ve been put on the planet to do.

I’ve also been pushing myself to do more, be better, and enjoy every last sweaty second of summer.

That being said, with all that learning in mind, the most important thing I’ve picked up is to listen to what my head and body are trying to communicate, whether that be in screaming agony or soft whispers. With so much going on this summer, my mind may be buzzing just enough to write this post, but every other part of me is worn out, dog tired, and drained.

While I’ve been spending my time with classes, working out, reading, eating, and touring, I’ve simultaneosly been trying to get enough sleep at night. Eight to ten hours, the doctor recommends. (The doctor also recommends limited caffeine and sun exposure, and yet those are two of my favorite things…?)


Sleep is the cure to even the worst heartbreak, chest cold, or problem without an answer. I’ve found this out because with all this learning I’ve been doing, I’ve learned that the more I push myself to achieve, do, and check off the list, the more sleep I need to process the information.

A lack of sleep means that headaches sneak up on you, the words jumble out without meaning, every person who opens their mouth becomes maddening, and bags accumulate under your eyes.

With plenty of well-rested slumber, the birds sing, the sunlight sparkles, and the world becomes an abundance of flowers, joy, and love. Or something along those lines…

As I type this persuasive suggestion to go to bed, my eyelids are fluttering. I believe in coffee and sunlight, and I also believe in taking naps. In fact, I believe I’ll go take one right after this is posted…

I’m no doctor, I actually have yet to begin college. But I am a blonde eighteen year-old writer who likes to pretend she is wise and has life figured out. Take my word for it, or have enough cup of coffee. Either way, I’ll remain writing with energy, and learning to hit snooze every once in a while.



The link to my book:

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