The Connected Generation

I live in a generation that is infinitely connected. Whether it be over the phone, the laptop, or the Smart Watch, teenagers are always talking, always asking questions, and most importantly, always observing. You’d be surprised at how much the average teen picks up in their day, even if their eyes are glued to the palm of their hand where the phone sits.

We hear how adults interact with one another, and with children and elderly. We watch celebrities flaunt the newest designs and the next trend on the television. We witness each other doing absolutely crazy (sometimes dangerous) things as a decoy for attention or affirmation.

We listen to the spoken and unspoken communication, and the communication barrier for that matter, because we are much more aware than anyone gives us credit for. Sure, the doctors warn about retina deterioration and ADHD symptoms, but my generation is one of alert connectedness.


With that in mind, this is a double-edged sword. While it’s useful and helps us develop, learn, and grow, it causes us to become obsessed with one another, a near infatuation. It’s very hard to go to a party without taking a picture of your dancing friend, sharing the location, or sending out a tweet about how freaking awesome the ice-cream cake tastes.

We know every detail (or at least, the details we share online) of one another, even if we’ve never heard the sound of each other’s voice in person.

Personally, as an introvert, I love the media and being connected to the action. I enjoy having the ability to watch a video of my friend dancing awkwardly from the comfort of my candle-lit, essential-oil-filled room.

As wonderful as this sounds, my weakness is that I crave to be involved, constantly attached to the gathering. And yet, when the music gets too loud and the friends get exhausted, I long for nothing more than to return to my comfort-zone.

Especially in the summer, and as I prepare for college, I’m attempting to push myself, and stick to a happy-medium of chill and party. Whether I like it or not, I have access to all the information I could ever long for, and this helps.

While my inner introvert and craving for inclusion continues to be a jumbled paradox, I’m working on it. Key word is always “trying”.



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