Introduction // Illiterate Blondes

Today I took a risk. I’ve been trying to scare myself more lately, because I’ve been reading that doing scary things is actually healthy for your soul.

So with that in mind, I created a YouTube channel to join this little blog I have going on. You have all heard my voice on a page, but now you get the honor of hearing the real life thing!

Now why might I take the time and energy to record myself and risk sounding silly or embarrassing? To reach my viewers (and new ones) through a different medium, something more convenient for those “on the go” or prefer to listen rather and watch rather than read.

But when it comes to taking the risk of sounding illiterate, (good one, I know) I’m jumping headfirst into the deep-end, and living on the edge.

By subscribing to my channel, you’ll get notifications every time I post, so you can eagerly watch whatever crazy life lesson bumped into me this time. With that in mind, the video is below. And don’t worry, you won’t have to wait in anticipation for too long. I’m going to continue posting weekly blogs/videos.


Excited for the future,


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